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Targeting without personal data

Even today, we only reach between 40 and 60 percent of all users via classic cookie targeting - and the trend is falling. Nevertheless, the accurate targeting of digital advertising is becoming more and more relevant. We are convinced that goodvertising is possible without personal data. By linking clever technologies, we create a data pool that is unique and offer future-proof solutions for every advertising need. We handle our users' data with care and responsibility.

We support the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework v2.0

At BurdaForward, we believe in an Internet that protects the personal information of its users. We believe transparency is the best way to combat the threat of a loss of user trust, and are committed to the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0.  

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Wir unterstützen das TCF v2.0

Die persönlichen Daten unserer Nutzer*innen zu schützen ist unsere Herzensangelegenheit. Deshalb unterstützen wir das Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0 des Interactive Advertising Bureaus (IAB), und verpflichten uns dem gemeinsamen Datenschutz-Standard der Digital-Industrie.  

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100 Prozent Brand Safety

Unser Brand Risk Indicator identifiziert sensible Inhalte und verhindert die Ausspielung von Werbung in unpassenden Umfeldern. Das bedeutet 100 Prozent Brand Safety für Werbetreibende. 

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Unsere Daten- & Targeting-Lösungen

Unser datenbasiertes Wissen schafft zielgerichteten Erfolg - denn wir konzentrieren uns auf Individualität, Reichweite und eine direkte Zielgruppen-Ansprache.

Cookieless Targeting

With the help of our partner Emetriq, we make a prediction based on the users with cookie history for the characteristics of the users for whom no cookies can be set. This gives us information about characteristics such as gender, status, age, occupation and income.      

Context Targeting

We analyse every content of our portals down to the last detail and identify keywords that can then be assigned to the iAB categories. In this way, we find out which topics our users are particularly interested in. Family or finance? Gaming or gardening? Art or career?

Real 1st party data

Through our leading brands, NetMoms, Finanzen100, XING, TV Spielfilm, jameda and The Weather Channel, we get unique real data that we can use for targeting. This and other user data is analyzed in our 1st Party Real-Time Data Management platform and used to create detailed user segments.

Predictive Behavioural Targeting with 3rd party data

Online surveys, surfing behaviour and real data are collected in a data pool and provide us with information on sociodemography, lifestyle and product affinities. In cooperation with our partner Emetriq, we have the opportunity to continue using the features known from cookie-based targeting.


The weather is perceived individually, influences emotions and can affect the behaviour of consumers - therefore it is highly relevant for media strategies. We offer access to WeatherFX, a "Weather Intelligent Marketing Platform" that contains an unparalleled weather data base and provides insight into the consumer behavior of your target group.