Brand Safety

We offer safe high quality environments

The Brand Risk Indicator

Sometimes there is content on journalistic portals that is not appropriate as an environment for advertising. Our Brand Risk Indicator identifies reports of catastrophes, accidents and crimes fully automatically and prevents the delivery of advertising within these environments. Directly booked advertisements and private deals are also excluded. Our technology has already scanned 4 million URLs and provided them with a Brand Risk Indicator - keywords from a total of 17 "Brand Safety" categories help us in this.

This process enables us to live up to our responsibility to users and advertisers and create credible content and a secure environment for brands.


We disclose our Invalid Traffic Rate

We regularly publish the proportion of Invalid Traffic (IVT) from our network, and with the support of our service partner Meetrics we provide transparent values for the quality of contact of our advertisements.

100% Transparency  

As a member of the digital advertising industry, we have to deal with the challenges of Ad Fraud and Invalid Traffic. In order to offer our clients and agencies maximum transparency regarding the quality of AdTraffic within our network, we regularly disclose our IVT values in close cooperation with our measurement partner Meetrics! 

100% Goodvertising 

We provide our inventory both programmatically and directly as high-quality as possible. It is corrected from any machine-generated queries and achieves visibility values that are well above the market average. For advertisements in our network, we guarantee a quality check that is certified by a market leader in the field of fraud measurement. 

How do we measure? 

The IVT rate is the percentage of impressions whose origin is not human. These include invalid activities from data centers and search engines, automatic browser activity, and invalid proxy server addresses. As a service provider for measuring the visibility of advertising media, Meetrics provides a continuous measurement of the IVT share in each of our customer campaigns. Our partner also measures the average values of all campaigns running in the BurdaForward network (anonymized). 

How do we handle Invalid Traffic? 

As we cannot eliminate occurrences of Invalid Traffic in our network, we monitor any developments closely. In addition to the continuous measurement by our partner, we rely on the extensive possibilities of Google's Fraud Detection. Our ad system (Google Doubleclick DFP) analyses and validates delivered ad impressions for up to 12 hours on the following day. If our team detects a high IVT value, we would gladly add delivery in consultation with the client.  

Data source: Measurements of Meetrics (Q1/2019) 

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