More courage for good advertising

Germany - Your Opportunities

New times require new ways and innovative ideas. The way we see and shape the world will change fundamentally with the Corona pandemic. Therefore, now is the time to look forward constructively. Time for creative advertising that focuses on what really moves people.

To this end, our lead media have jointly created a completely new section on FOCUS Online: "Germany, Your Opportunities" is a portal that meets people at eye level in the Corona crisis and helps them to find exactly where there is a real need. From the power and expertise of the #CoronaCare campaign, this progressive project developed within weeks, which can help our country decisively to overcome the crisis. In this important and uncertain situation we reach out to our users, accompany them through this time and far beyond. We make the difference by looking ahead confidently in the crisis situation and not only recognizing future trends but creating them.


Goodvertising: A Case Study

How "goodvertising" came about and grew into a successful advertising strategy that increases user acceptance and sales in the long term: Together with the Coalition for Better Ads, we present a case study using the example of FOCUS Online and disclose figures that illustrate the success of our goodvertising strategy. 

2015: As more and more advertising formats overlaid entire page contents, marketers fought for advertising budgets and click rates, and users kept advertising with ad blockers at bay, we at BurdaForward began to rethink. How do you permanently escape the race for reach and sales? How does advertising again become a positive experience for everyone involved? It was high time to concentrate on the needs of the users. Time for Goodvertising! 4 years later we can proudly report that our courage to do better advertising has paid off: The focus on the user experience has not only led to positive feedback from users, but also to an improvement in advertising performance and an increase in economic results.



"We are convinced that many businesses have exciting messages that are interesting for users. That's why we integrate them into our news network as equal content partners."

Martin LĆ¼tgenau

Chief Marketing Officer

Advertising at BurdaForward

We are the first choice when holistic digital campaigns are required in a reliable environment of high-quality media brands. On our portals, businesses can support users through their advertising at any point of the customer journey as valuable advisors. The innovative integration possibilities are as multifaceted as our portals themselves. In addition to user-friendly display advertising, automated booking options via Programmatic, creative video formats and sales-promoting Performance solutions, our portfolio also includes emotional Branded Content. Our in-house content creation, the Partner Studio, provides full service for campaigns and ensures that each story becomes a fully fledged part of our news network and thus a complete success. Together with the strong BurdaForward brands and a portfolio of renowned partner brands such as FIT FOR FUN, XING and TV Spielfilm, we reach about 41 million unique users and thus around two thirds of Internet users in Germany.