Our Working Cosmos

How we tick

7 Reasons in our favour

  1. We have a real motive for working
    ... as we aim to help people lead better lives.
  2. We make time for ourselves
    ... by organizing offsite events, team events and parties.
  3. We work in the most beautiful German cities
    ... and are looking forward to seeing you in Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt.
  4. We can determine working time and place of work ourselves
    ... because temporal and spatial independence is promoted with us.
  5. Our work-life balance is second to none
    ... thanks to flexible part-time models and subsidised childcare.
  6. We love how suspense is guaranteed in our job
    ... as it never gets boring here, and we work on the future with latest technology.
  7. And: Your ideas really matter!
    More than 32 million people will use and appreciate your articles and software.

Team spirit is in capitals

Our business is exciting and fast paced. We never lose sight of each other, give each other support and at the same time have the space to constantly reinvent ourselves.

Together straight ahead

We enjoy networking and teamwork. Regardless of position and organizational affiliation, we form flexible teams and discover our strengths every day anew - so work never becomes routine. Since transparency and openness are particularly important to us, our management stays in regular dialogue with us, informs us directly about the latest developments and takes our feedback directly. Via our social intranet "BeForward" we maintain a daily exchange with each other and learn everything about our colleagues, exciting projects and the latest news.

Your progress

It is not always easy to balance private and professional life. That's why you have the option to work flexible hours and decide for yourself where you want to work. Almost every new father among our colleagues takes parental leave, and if childcare is temporarily unavailable, children are also welcome in our office! To ensure that you don't miss out either, we always have an eye on your individual progress and give you the opportunity to constantly advance your skills through coaching, further training or participation in conferences.

We care

We really do: "WeCare" is the name of our initiative for health and wellness at the workplace. The program invites everybody to try yoga, functional training, meditation and massages and to participate in preventative check-ups. We organize running groups and subsidize your membership in a gym. Because your physical well-being is important to us, we will provide you with fresh fruit, coffee, tea and fund a part of your lunch. In our Munich office we have daily changing food trucks coming and a "Brotzeitmann" who delivers breakfast.

Celebrate success

Several times a year we take the time to leave daily business behind and all get together. We look back on what we have achieved so far and tune in to what is to come. Whether it's the yearly kick-off, the attunement at a convention, Summer party, Christmas party or a visit to famous Wiesn - all this helps us to bond and to be an even better team. We love to celebrate together. And whoever witnessed our roaring parties once knows: Only BurdaForward can party this way!

You want to start with us?

We look forward to getting to know you!

Find an overview of our vacancies here. Nothing for you this time? Do you have questions? Then simply contact us and tell us more about you and your interests.