Getting (others) involved

Every month, BurdaForward reaches more than 41 million people, an achievement which entails responsibility. With our journalistic expertise we are able, and see it as our duty, to competently educate people and make them think. So, for this reason we are introducing effective educational initiatives to inspire our readers to commit themselves to support more equity in education. We do away with the prejudice that promoting education is something that should only take place in schools and politics. And we support our readership in using their own individual talents and abilities to actively shape our society with joy and a feeling of doing something meaningful.   

"Education is the steppingstone to a good life. So, that's why we made fair educational opportunities for everybody a key project close to our hearts. By introducing and supporting non-profit educational organisations, we are investing in what is most valuable in our country: the talent and creativity of young people."

Oliver Eckert

Chief Executive Officer

Education is key

To develop sustainable solutions to the challenges that our society is facing, we need an informed, solution-oriented society that is willing to take action. Education is key, yet unfortunately, it still very much depends on the socio-economic background. So, we want to help to close the gaps in our education system. All children and teenagers in Germany are entitled to the opportunity of getting a good education.

Therefore, we work together with these organisations:

Join us!

Are you a non-profit organisation, certified or with an evaluated concept, that is committed to educational equity and would like to become part of our initiative? We look forward to hearing from you!

Lydia Kubik, Foundation Manager


Children's well-being

Since the well-being of children and teenagers is top priority, we review all collaborations in cooperation with the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation as part of our education initiative to check important criteria. With two decades of experience in reviewing charitable initiatives and projects, the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation supports aid projects for children and young people in need in all of Germany, with a special focus on social participation and educational support.  

What's important to us

It is important to us that our partners are acknowledged not-for-profit organisations that are based in Germany and have been certified or thoroughly evaluated by a renowned independent institution to ensure trustworthiness.

We acknowledge the PHINEO Wirkt seal of approval, the DZI donation seal of approval, membership with the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft or an evaluation of the activities by academic chairs or experts. Furthermore, adequate preventive measures to protect the well-being of children must be demonstrated by providing a child protection concept.

Corporate Volunteering

In addition to our journalistic work, time and again we personally take a stand for the education of children and teenagers, a matter that is close to our hearts. All BurdaForward colleagues have regular opportunities to get involved in charitable educational initiatives, such as fundraising runs or our collaboration with the Hacker School. The Hacker School by BurdaForward thrives on the passionate commitment and professional expertise of the many colleagues who in their free time participate as inspirers, advisors and organisers.