That’s good news

The media house of solutions

Purpose and essence of BurdaForward are good news: reliable, relevant and above all solution-oriented information that provides guidance for people in their everyday lives. Our coverage not only identifies problems, but always shows ways to improve things in society and everyday life.

The world is undergoing a radical transformation. We believe that new journalistic services are required for this new age. Services free from old habits. Future-oriented and focused on solutions for big and small challenges. What new visions are there for a better education system? How can I find the best healthcare professional? How can people use our portals even more conveniently?

Today, more than 800 team members - journalists, software developers, product managers, data experts, marketing specialists, sales people - already feel committed to such challenges. What we research, write, program and commercialise is important: our leading brands such as FOCUS Online, CHIP, and The Weather Channel inspire already more than every second internet user in Germany.

"We want to help all people in Germany to lead a better life. This is what drives us every day. In our work, we combine solution-oriented journalism with innovative technology - always with our users at the centre."

Tanja zu Waldeck

Chief Executive Officer

Driving Innovation

We aim to support the people in Germany to lead a better life by providing solution-oriented content. In order to help with our company’s purpose we invest a great deal in the future. Using the latest technology and artificial intelligence, we are already shaping the media of tomorrow today. We always focus on the needs of our users and customers: Which tasks in their everyday lives can we take care of? In pursuing these questions, we feel our pioneering spirit and our thirst for adventure. In order to think anew and create successful products, we connect beyond departments and areas. Editors, programmers and marketing specialists all team up. We are united by heart, mind and the shared joy of success.

How we justify our decisions

Our working world presents us with new challenges every day, for which there are often no ready-made rules or instructions for action. That's why we make decisions with the help of our principles. They form a framework within which we move freely and assume responsibility. Principles are therefore not rules. They are the principles of our decisions and give us orientation:

We put the first.  

We think and work innovatively. 

We play to win.  

We act as entrepreneurs within the company.  

Journalism for everyone

At the heart of our concept is our corporate purpose - to help everyone in Germany lead a better life with good news. To do this, we are breaking new ground, but staying true to our roots: Our parent company Hubert Burda Media has been driving journalistic and technological innovation for more than 110 years. 

As a leading online publisher, we are rapidly pursuing the goal of permanently establishing independent journalism as a successful business model in the digital world as well. That is why we have founded a publisher network with which we are committed to media diversity in Germany. More than a hundred German publishers are already taking part. They exchange content, strengthen each other's reach and learn from each other. Through this increasingly strong community, we are creating a counter-model to the American media giants.