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BUNTE.de combines entertaining, inspiring and up-to-date people and entertainment news as well as comprehensive service features, making it the most relevant general interest web portal for women in Germany on all digital channels: www.bunte.de www.bunte.de



* AGMA daily digital facts March 2023
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Editorial concept

We keep our finger on the pulse of trends: We owe our growth to a dedicated team with above-average quality standards, editorial and technical expertise and a feel for trends in the digital market. As one of the best-known and most successful publishing brands in Germany, BUNTE.de built a major fan user base. We are modern, innovative and creative. With BUNTE Inside we are providing a successful membership model with exclusive content and offers to our passionate users.    

How to benefit with BUNTE.de

BUNTE.de is the most relevant and successful online portal for women in Germany – modern, innovative and creative. With our entertaining content we are generating exceptionally high dwell times and impressive engagement rates in our social channels. BUNTE.de benefits from a very strong image with very positive associations, providing advertisers with an environment with absolute brand safety and a highly relevant target audience. The broad coverage of topics offers numerous advertising opportunities, also across industries and topics. Guided by our good instincts we always find exciting topics and make them work with creativity and thorough analyses, using a wide range of formats such as native advertising, influencer marketing, branded content, display and social advertising.

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The users of BUNTE.de are...

… More than 65% of the users are female and between 20 and 59 years old. BUNTE.de content is geared to the demands of this highly relevant and well-paid online elite.