Content and tech go together

We love technology and enjoy finding new smart solutions. That's why we keep pooling our innovative strength, because: Journalism and technology belong together for us. Every day, our team of tech experts works on new state-of-the-art solutions that make our media unique. In doing so, we rely on concentrated in-house expertise, our own technologies and artificial intelligence.

Under one roof

How we work


To get real innovations off the ground, you need freedom. That's what we offer, because here technology is developed independently by tech experts in interdisciplinary teams - close to the product and from front-end, back-end or web development to UX or QA.

Highly specialised

Our tech infrastructure is the foundation of our successful products. That's why centralised teams of experts ensure that everything runs smoothly. They keep the safety net together, guarantee our readers access to our content at all times and develop the cloud and CDN infrastructure for our organisation.

Maximum networking

Our tech community extends beyond national borders. More than 300 experts across Germany and at our development site in Bari (Italy) come together time and again, for example at our annual tech event "Burda.Product.Tech". Because great things are created together.

We want you

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Founding a start-up and enjoying the safe haven of a company at the same time? That's possible at BurdaForward. I've never learned as much as I have since founding "News to be Good". It's a rollercoaster ride that we master anew every day.
Vivica Wilkens
Co-Founder Start-up "News to be Good"
Watching our tech network grow makes us happy. In addition to our teams in Germany, we now have almost 50 developers working on our products in the Italian port city of Bari. I have rarely seen more innovation and fun in one place.
Antonello Fratepietro
Managing Director bei BurdaForward Italia

Insights into our Tech Products


What is the next best thing our reader should read - given personal interests, today's news journey and the current context? What should show up in their personal news stream? Our specially developed recommendation technology not only allows us to know our content inside out, but also to understand which articles are best suited to each type of user. This makes our solution far more effective than conventional approaches.

Content Technology Framework

The heart of our tech products does not come off the shelf. Our experts have developed the framework for all our brands and content in-house. With our central CMS, we not only remain independent, we can also use unique interfaces and map every individual use case.

Expert Chatbot

Direct advice in real time: our number 1 electric mobility portal shows how it's done. Based on more than 10,000 articles and information on hundreds of electric cars, our team has developed a chatbot that provides our users with expert and direct advice. Included: ChatGPT, other large language models and plenty of potential for specialized bots on all our portals.




Targeted advertising without cookies: "Sugarless" is our answer to the big question of the post-cookie era. By using our own contextual targeting technologies and very precise first-party data models, we can display digital advertising in a targeted manner and without cookies - without consent, in accordance with data protection and absolutely in favor of user-friendliness.

Video Automation

From text to finished video in just a few clicks: That's what our in-house developed video automation tool can do. Thanks to the sophisticated interaction of various AI applications, we reduce production times and costs - and are currently increasing our video starts by up to 2-3 million. This is what video content production of the future looks like.