People take centre stage

We take responsibility for the health of the people who work for us. That's why we support them with highly individualised and flexible offers and opportunities to balance work and private life. A good working atmosphere and an open and inclusive corporate culture are essential for us. For this reason, we are committed to inclusion and diversity and specifically support social projects.

Work live balance

We want to be a healthy organisation with healthy people. That's why we support our colleagues in harmonising their professional and private lives. Our contribution to this are flexible working time and part-time models, sabbaticals, workation, mobile office and freedom in the choice of work location, for example. We also offer mental health services, customised solutions for individual life situations and support for families. This is why we subsidise childcare, for example, and provide services for family carers.


During parental leave, mothers and fathers are often far away from their jobs. Some of them feel left behind and find it difficult to return to work afterwards. Our "FamilyForward" programme is aimed at those who temporarily leave their job for family reasons, such as the birth of a child. For those who want to, this platform gives them the opportunity to stay informed about important movements in the company and to exchange ideas with other colleagues. This keeps us together and leaves no one behind.


Mission Female

As a media partner of the "Mission Female" network, we publish specialist articles by inspiring women on our high-reach portals FOCUS online and In these articles, the women not only describe how they have made a career and founded companies, but are also ruthlessly honest about the things they have failed at or the taboos they have had to break. By giving these women the big stage, we hope to encourage many more.