We take our emissions seriously

In close cooperation with our parent company Hubert Burda Media, we analyse our emissions in detail - and derive measures. Our aim is to drastically reduce our emissions and to operate in a more environmentally friendly way by consciously using our resources.

Balance & reduce

As part of the "getting better" programme, Burda has been carrying out a detailed assessment of CO2e emissions since 2020. This involves calculating all greenhouse gas emissions, i.e. not only CO2, but also methane and fluorinated gases, for example. On the basis of this balance sheet, targeted measures are continuously derived and implemented for the entire Group in the four core areas of energy, resources, mobility and education.



Advancing sustainability and thus contributing to the preservation of our planet: in the grassroots initiative "PlanetForward", a core team of more than 20 colleagues is committed to making us more sustainable as a company - on both a large and small scale. To this end, they use the balance sheet values collected as a basis and ensure that sustainability is also firmly anchored in the company's organisation.

Lasting mobility

With good technical equipment and the experience gained from many years of mobile working, we are able to significantly reduce business trips and commutes. We attend appointments and take trips in person when they represent real added value compared to the virtual setup. With offers such as the BurdaBike, a discounted leasing programme for bicycles, as well as charging stations for electric cars at our locations, we create additional incentives for our colleagues to get around sustainably.

Circular Economy & Refurbishing

In our work, we rely on mobile devices that consume a lot of energy and resources in their production. By working with our partner Everphone, we ensure that smartphones are returned to a meaningful cycle after use by our colleagues. This means that the devices are repaired and reused in 95 per cent of cases. Only irreparable smartphones are professionally recycled.

Promoting biodiversity

We reward commitment to the environment: For every advertising campaign with a focus on sustainability that appears on our FOCUS online Earth and EFAHRER.com brands, 500 square metres of blossom paradise are created. Through our cooperation partner Netzwerk Bl├╝hende Landschaft, valuable habitats are created for bees, bumblebees, butterflies and other insects - and we contribute to the preservation of biodiversity in our home region at the same time.