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TVSpielfilm PLUS combines the offerings of the premium brands, and Together, the brands form the fastest and clearest journalistic program guide for TV, cinema and streaming.

The latest news on films and series, trailers, background information, critical opinions, tips and ratings from the editorial team, a dedicated streaming guide and podcasts provide users with orientation in the jungle of program offerings. Updates several times a day keep the offer up to date at all times. Thanks to TVSpielfilm PLUS, users not only find out what's on, but also whether it's worth watching: | |

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TVSpielfilm PLUS as an environment for advertising campaigns

TVSpielfilm PLUS occupies first place by a wide margin in its market environment. This makes the portals the ideal environment for display and moving image campaigns and branded content - always with targeted targeting. As we measure our reach every month, you always know exactly who you are reaching with your message.