For mothers. The best. From the heart.

NetMoms combines exactly the content mothers and pregnant women want. From editorial information and exchange with like-minded people to personalised offers tailored to one's own situation. NetMoms accompanies women through their everyday family life with a lot of heart:



* AGMA daily digital facts March 2023
* IVW 02/2024
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Editorial concept

Just like a friend, NetMoms shares the beautiful and crazy life with kids. Every day, the editorial team searches for new topics that inspire pregnant women and mothers. From information on pregnancy, infancy and childhood to entertaining and touching stories and lifestyle and living topics. NetMoms brings together editorial content with a community and thus offers the ideal everyday companion for mothers and those who want to become mothers. As a progressive web app, the NetMoms Community offers the best product for the needs of mothers and pregnant women: Fast exchange and networking, personalized pregnancy and baby calendars and an individual home feed with exactly the topics that are interesting.

How to benefit with NetMoms

NetMoms supports users in all purchasing decisions around family and womanhood. You get the opportunity to position your brand and products in a credible setting, and to optimally address users by combining informative, emotional and interactive elements. Our products are made for users and enable the optimal placement of your brand.

  • Focussed target group
  • High relevance
  • Emotional setting
  • Interactive

The users of NetMoms are...

...young, mobile and well-funded! No other target group is confronted with as many purchasing decisions as mothers and pregnant women. You can reach an attractive target group between the ages of 20 and 39, which is largely responsible for purchasing decisions in their households. NetMom's users are particularly interested in wellness products, baby supplies, toys, cosmetics, clothing and are enthusiastic about home and lifestyle trends.