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FIT FOR FUN is an expert for sports, healthy nutrition & lifestyle. The portal wants to make a valuable contribution to the healthy lifestyle of its users every day. To do this, it relies on the best content, the right channels and the perfect moment:



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Editorial concept

FIT FOR FUN has been reinventing fitness, food and lifestyle on a daily basis since 1994. Sport, healthy nutrition and a positive attitude are part of a modern life for active, demanding people. This is where FIT FOR FUN comes in and motivates readers, users and followers on all channels to do something for themselves.

How to benefit with FIT FOR FUN

The digital presence of FIT FOR FUN convinces with a modern layout, visible formats and daily new content. Whether editorial cooperation, native advertising, moving image, targeting or programmatic advertising - digital advertising is reinvented time and again with individual and creative concepts. These are digital brand experiences that inspire users.

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The users of FIT FOR FUN are... and women, most of whom are between 20 and 49 years of age, which is highly relevant for advertising. FIT FOR FUN appeals to those who want to stay fit and attractive and enjoy exercise. The emphasis is on a healthy diet and an exciting and adventurous life. There is a willingness to spend a considerable amount of money on this lifestyle. FIT FOR FUN users want a brand that constantly inspires them with new trends, tips and products and motivates them to do something for themselves.