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* AGMA daily digital facts March 2023
* IVW 03/2023
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As the largest finance portal in Germany, Finanzen100 offers relevant, personalized stock market news and top services for specialists. Private investors and those interested in the market receive up-to-date information on top stock market topics, market reports, stock profiles, securities and indices. Via the login area and a customizable watchlist, the mobile stock exchange portal puts emphasis on easy data access and simple analyses, and thus increases the trading success of its users. Since 2018, Finanzen100's stock market news are also available on FOCUS Online. At, FOCUS Online users can find the latest stock market news every hour in the co-branded section.

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Reach a wide range of users with an affinity to finance - from beginners to experienced day traders. Thanks to targeted distribution on Finanzen100 and FOCUS Online Börse, we adapt individually to the advertising goals of our clients. We are pioneers in delivering intelligent and personalized advertising. Combined with expert knowledge, we offer a strong, reliable environment for individual marketing concepts and digital storytelling.

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...mostly educated, high-income men aged 30 and above. These decision-makers with purchasing power act as investors, asset managers, managers and entrepreneurs.