The No. 1 address for E-Mobility brings together experts, users and dealers to share information, experience and know-how, and to broker electric cars. The portal addresses the individual needs of users and offers a brand-independent and comprehensive service:



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The puts the needs of users first. Users have their own lifestyle with individual needs for mobility. Therefore, we value brand-neutral presentation of all offers and present numerous brands and models. Educating our users is particularly important to us - thorough tests and reliable data provide all the relevant information on the subject of E-Mobility.

How to benefit with benefits from a high traffic environment and maximum credibility thanks to the strong partners CHIP and FOCUS Online. The CHIP brand in particular has managed to establish strong credibility in terms of product information and purchase advice.'s specialization in e-mobility guarantees a strong user affinity and a high reach.

  • E-Mobility
  • Maximum credibility
  • Independent of brands
  • Strong user affinity

The users of are...

...educated, eco-minded and high-income! The user community between ages 40 and 59 is made up of gadget and lifestyle fans with a high level of environmental awareness who want to do their part to improve the world.