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The digital services of the cross-media brand hold a monthly magazine, video and podcast formats, regular guides to series, calendars, events and reader trips for the users. More than 40 years of editorial expertise and passion turn the portal into an experience at any time. A dedicated correspondent reports directly from Hollywood, and is also represented on the jury of the Golden Globe Awards. With this extensive knowledge from the world of movies and television, more than 1000 movies and series are presented every year. News, trailers and reviews, an archive of over 56,000 movies, 24,000 DVDs and 98,000 actors as well as a current and regionally searchable cinema program complete the portfolio.

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The world of movies and series combines emotions, storytelling, moving images and technology - these are attractive areas for sponsoring and premium-native approaches with a focus on entertainment and technology topics. All common display formats fit harmoniously into the responsive page, while movie and series trailers create a suitable environment for moving image campaigns.

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