The new home for consumer topics

In autumn 2019, expands its offer with a new sub-brand, which provides a home for tests and purchase advice on products and services of all kinds. CHIP365 is the understandable, competent and up-to-date compass in the midst of a consumption jungle becoming ever more complex:

Editorial concept

The four categories "Leisure & Family", "Eating & Drinking", "Clothing & Accessories" and "Cosmetics & Health" show that CHIP is more than just a technical expert. Advising readers and users has always been CHIP's core competence. In 2019, the brand opens up new theme worlds outside of the digital sphere with CHIP 365, making it an aid to decision-making when buying articles of all kinds. Fair, comparable and relevant product information is the result of the evaluation procedures developed by CHIP for each offer in its own test centre and with selected partners such as Wirecutter and Ökotest.

How to benefit with CHIP 365

In the six-month test phase of CHIP 365 the approximately 1,000 test reports of the area constituted nearly half of the entire traffic of the CHIP purchase advice. Also in the video range no surrounding field grows as rapidly as the consumer range, which received its own face now as CHIP 365. The categorization into 4 highly relevant and product-specific ranges makes it very interesting for advertising formats of all kinds.

  • Objective
  • Test-Expert
  • Consumer-oriented

The users of CHIP 365 are..., future-oriented and digitally savvy. CHIP 365 users are humans in all situations in life, who yearn for fast and reliable consultation as well as comparison offers with the purchase of products and services. They are online shoppers and constantly on the search for solutions for the problems of the everyday life.