Values & Principles

Living the change

Connectedness & orientation

Our company is still new. BurdaForward was founded in 2015. It unites different portals and business areas in a large, decentralised network. We get to know each other better day by day. At the same time, our structures and tasks are constantly evolving. For this particular reason it is vital to have common values that unite us and principles that give us orientation.

What is precious to us

We at BurdaForward want to inspire with good news. To achieve this, we - mehr als 800 completely different colleagues - are pulling together on one string. If we ask ourselves or others what unites us and makes us successful, we as a company are credited with three distinct qualities: Openness, Optimism, Team spirit. These are our values. For each of us they have an individual, very particular meaning. And that is a good thing, because values do not dictate how something has to be. Rather, they express what BurdaForward is already like. They show us what we hold precious.

How we justify our decisions

Our profession presents us with new challenges every day, for which there are often no ready-made rules or procedures. That is why we make decisions based on our principles. They form a framework within which we move freely and assume responsibility. Principles are not rules. They are the foundation of our decisions and give us some orientation.

  • We put the user front and center. 
  • We think and operate innovatively.
  • We play to win. 
  • We act as entrepreneurs within the company.