Values & Principles

What is valuable to us

We want to inspire with good news. If we ask ourselves or others what unites us and makes us successful, we are said to have three special characteristics as a company:


These are our values. They have an individual, very personal meaning for each of us. And that's a good thing, because values don't dictate how something should be. They express what BurdaForward is like anyway. They show what is valuable to us.

How we justify our decisions

Our working world presents us with new challenges every day, for which there are often no ready-made rules or instructions. That's why we make decisions with the help of our principles. They form a framework within which we can move freely and take responsibility. Principles are therefore not rules. They are the principles that guide our decisions and give us orientation:

We put the users at the centre.
We think and work innovatively.
We play to win.
We act as entrepreneurs within the company.