We love solutions

Purpose and Essence

We aim to support the people in Germany to lead a better life by providing good news – today and in the future. That’s the basic purpose and essence of our company. Reliable, relevant and solution-oriented information is our take on good news. We are critical, while maintaining a positive outlook on tomorrow. This applies to social and personal topics at the same time.

"We want to help the people in Germany to lead a better life. This is what drives us. In our work, we combine solution-oriented journalism with innovative technology - always focused on our users."

Oliver Eckert

Chief Executive Officer

The Pursuit of Happiness

The idea of „pursuit of happiness“ has been alive inside our parent company Hubert Burda Media as a family business since more than 110 years. With our good news, we passionately follow this tradition. What new visions are there for a better education system? How can I find the best healthcare professional? 700 team members in seven locations are working on answers to these questions.