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XING is the leading social network for professional contacts in German-speaking countries. Among business and economic websites, it is considered the most important contact point for specialists and executives:



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Editorial concept

XING is the trusted social network for professional contacts with over 15 million registered members. Professionals from all industries connect here, looking for and finding jobs, employees, projects, cooperation partners, professional advice or business ideas. Each member maintains a personal user profile, manages their own contacts and can place contributions and event invitations in open forums. In addition, XING members exchange information in over 80,000 specialist groups or meet in person at XING events.

How to benefit with XING

As XING is the most important network for professional contacts in Germany, the verified data of its members offer unique targeting opportunities. Distributive losses are minimized, which is why campaigns can be delivered highly efficiently. With the help of the Audience Extension, the reach can be extended into the BurdaForward network and thus generate even more relevant reach.

  • 100% networking
  • Market leader
  • Digital meets reality
  • 15 million members

The users of XING are...

... business professionals! The women and men are between 20 and 49 years old and have a high income. The premium target group generates unique reach - at the rhythm of their daily business.