Europe's largest garden portal

Mein schöner Garten online (my pretty garden) is the counterpart to the print magazine of the same name. It has established itself as the foremost German-language advisory service for gardening on the Internet and is particularly popularly during the high season of gardening between April to June. It is enjoyed by gardening beginners and experienced hobby gardeners alike:



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Editorial concept

Expertly researched articles related to garden design, gardening practice and all kinds of plants offer inspiration for the care of any domestic green area. The articles online are completed by a separate shop for garden supplies. Additionally, the many members of the steadily growing garden fan community help each other with their own creative ideas. They are a strong presence on the social web.

How to benefit with Mein schöner Garten online is characterized by a particularly credible environment, which is ideal for branded content. From product staging to sponsored advice videos.

  • Strong community of hobby gardeners
  • Online shop
  • Expertise
  • Trusted advisor

The users of Mein schöner Garten online are...

… creative, nature-loving and high-income. Mein Schöner Garten’s online users are between 25 and 59 years old and mostly female. They are interested in the beautiful things in life and enjoy looking after their own home, including the garden, and exchanging ideas with other gardening fans. They also like to get tips and inspiration from the web.