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jameda promotes a free search for physicians, publishes evaluations and provides the user with competent health-related information from experts:



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Editorial concept

jameda is a health and recommendation portal that provides patients with detailed information and evaluations on physicians, health professionals and health care institutions. Patients can search nationwide for physicians from all disciplines, book appointments online, give ratings and read ratings from other patients. The portal contains high-quality content on the subject of health, written exclusively by physicians, as well as a specialist lexicon on drugs, diseases and laboratory values.

How to benefit with jameda

As the market leader among the evaluation portals, jameda gathers the most reviews on physicians. It enjoys a high level of user confidence as one of the health services with the widest reach. The combination of expert search and informative health content offers the optimal environment for products from the pharmaceutical industry. The guide strengthens credibility with exclusive content from physicians.

  • More than 1.5 million patient opinions
  • Germany's health service with highest reach
  • Expert forum
  • Online consultation

The users of jameda are... conscious, interested in culture, active family people! They live in urban areas, are educated, working, usually older than 30 years and female. They care for the family welfare and are interested in bio products, pharmacy-exclusive cosmetics, nutritional supplements and prescription-free drugs.