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cardscout assists users in finding the right credit card. Over 100 credit card deals are compared based on the preferences set in the filter to provide the user with recommendations. The best matches are sorted by relevance with highlighted top 3 credit card suggestions:



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Editorial concept

cardscout is 100% user-oriented. Above all, this is reflected in the credit card ranking algorithm, which is based on the results of regular user surveys. Our aim is to make the fees transparent and to alert the user to hidden costs and possible pitfalls. cardscout is independent: In an effort to find the most suitable credit card for the user and to ensure a large overview of the market, we also list those credit cards for which we receive no compensation. To enable the user to concentrate on the essentials, cardscout is virtually free of advertising.

How to benefit with cardscout

With cardscout, you can reach potential credit card customers who are currently looking for a (new) credit card or for information on a credit card topic. You can obtain an exclusive and clearly visible placement in the appropriate thematic environment for your credit card product. You can select and book specific pages with key topics such as "Prepaid credit cards without Schufa".

(Schufa = German credit investigation company)

  • Transparent
  • User-oriented
  • Independent

The users of cardscout are... and women between the ages 25 to 34 who are looking for a new credit card. They are interested in shopping, smartphones, photography, TV, news, health and fitness.