Video Advertising

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Videos are fantastic short films for in between and reach around 14 million people in the BurdaForward network. In order to address them in a targeted and entertaining way, we have developed special formats for your video message.

Our video highlights

Move with your message. Videos are very trendy and can convey content of all kinds in a very special way - whether entertaining, informative or emotional.

Native Video Ad

The new kind of Branded Video Distribution: The Native Video Ad embeds itself as an advertisement on the article and overview pages of our portals. Clicking on it opens a layer and the branded video starts directly with sound - without interrupting the user journey. Attention-grabbing call-to-action elements guide the user directly to other brand content if they are interested. And because we only charge effectively after video starts, there is no risk whatsoever.

Outstream Video Ad

The Outstream Video Ad embeds itself smoothly into the editorial content and thus attracts a lot of attention. It only starts when at least 50 percent of the player is in the user's viewport. Delivery of the Outstream Video Ad is possible on all devices, as we use all common targeting segments.

As the first marketer in Germany, we control Outstream Video Ads via Header Bidding. Further information can be found in the Programmatic Advertising section.

Shortclip Ad

The shorter, the better: An advertising spot on the Internet should not last longer than 10 seconds - as almost 60 percent of all respondents to our Video Effects study agreed. It proves that the user satisfaction and acceptance of Shortclip Ads is higher compared to other video formats. Accordingly, we have consistently adjusted the length of our ads. They are available as Multi Screen on all brands and channels.

For the slightly longer advertising messages we recommend our Shortclip Ad Plus with 15 seconds length.

Select Video Ad

The user has the option to actively decide and to select the delivered video ad according to his own interests. Here, 100 percent visibility is guaranteed and the impact of your ad is particularly strong.