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Being present in the environment of the right brand, and also with the desired target group - our unique targeting possibilities make it happen.

For your campaigns, we can apply predictive behavioural, purchase intention and keyword targeting. We can access real user data from XING and use our entire network. In this process, we concentrate on individuality, high reach and the precise addressing of your target group.

Our Portfolio

We support you in getting to know your customers even better. So that you can be successful with data-based knowledge.

Semantic Video Targeting

Through special keyword targeting, we can deliver your PreRoll spots thematically matching the content of the video.

This way you benefit from a perfect fit through individual targeting combinations and a target-group-specific approach without divergence losses. We work with real, editorially assigned keywords.

In addition, we guarantee maximum reach within the Burda Forward portfolio.


The weather is highly relevant for your media strategy, as it is perceived individually, influences emotions and can affect consumer behaviour.

We offer access to WEATHERfx. This "Weather Intelligent Marketing Platform" contains an unparalleled weather data base that provides insight into the consumer behaviour of your target group. Enriched with user and e-commerce data, a data pool is available which enables you to plan your advertising distribution more efficiently and specifically – not only on the BurdaForward brands, but on all digital channels, even outside our network.

Predictive Behavioural Targeting

We are able to identify your target group through product interests, decision maker status and preferences. 100 predictive behavioural parameters help us address potential customers with minimal divergence losses.

Audience Extension

Whether age, gender or profession - genuine user data offers unique targeting possibilities. XING is the social network with over 14 million registered professionals from all industries. Each member has a personal user profile so you can tailor your campaign to a specific target group.

Audience Extension

Our Audience Extension offers even more reach. With this tool, your XING campaign can be extended into our entire network and generate even more relevant reach.

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