Programmatic Advertising

Good news – optimally displayed

120.000.000 Ad Requests per day

Our specially programmed Header Bidding solution is an efficient sales structure for our clients and agencies. Thanks to this wrapper, which was developed in-house by our specialists, you may purchase our inventory for your display and video advertising completely automatically - with a 100% brand safety promise.

Every day, we can offer 120 million ad requests, including 3 million PreRolls, for your ads and campaigns. Our multi-screen and targeting solutions are precise and user-specific, so that you may optimize your targeting and price.

As a member of the BVDW, we are committed to the collectively devised Code of Conduct: By a common basic understanding of quality, a lasting professionalization of Programmatic Advertising in Germany shall be secured and high transparency in the use of Programmatic Advertising shall be achieved for every party involved.

Transparenz für die digitale Werbewirtschaft

Mit dem neuen Service aqi können programmatische Kunden hochwertige Umfelder im Rahmen automatisierter Werbeprozesse leichter identifizieren.

Stronger together in Header Bidding

We work with the world's leading online businesses. They are strong partners on the road to a successful digital future.

Programmatic Advertising is Goodvertising

Advertising is good news if it reaches the right user. We enable you to address your target group more precisely and thus more honestly via our editorially driven websites. By using client and agency data, users can be informed in a focused and relevant manner through advertising.

Programmatically we employ on user-friendly formats that do not disturb the natural surfing experience.