Native Advertising

We love storytelling!

5 good reasons for Branded Content

  1. Credibility
    The setting within our media brands generates high acceptance for the product and brand. Branded Content strengthens the brand image and creates trust.
  2. Social Engagement
    Branded Content is shared and recommended. Significantly more interaction is achieved in social networks than with content from corporate websites.
  3. Efficiency
    Contents from media brand sources achieve a significantly higher click probability and organic reach in social media and search engine listings.
  4. Impact
    Whether Awareness, Consideration or Conversion - we have researched every phase of the customer journey neuropsychologically and alongside campaigns. We found out that Branded Content increases perception, increases acceptance for the brand and can even generate increased sales.
  5. Measurability
    Our in-house developed Performance Dashboard delivers all KPIs of a campaign in real time, so they can be constantly optimized.

"The Native Advertising business is data-driven and at the same time has a lot to do with creation and empathy for the target audience. Briefly said: No creativity without proof of effectiveness, but also no proof of effectiveness without creativity."

Martin Baier

Director Partner Studio

Our product highlights

Because we love stories, we offer products that live up to every message and ensure that your brand is remembered.

Branded Audio

We make your voice heard. No matter where our users are, our new audio solutions pick them up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Because voices and sounds know how to emotionalize - the spoken word transports messages in a highly authentic way.

Branded Video

Two-thirds of our users surveyed believe that branded videos help them get to know brands and products better. Our partner studio's video experts will produce professional video content for you. There is a wide range of creative formats to choose from: Listicles, step-by-step tutorials, explanation videos and expert interviews are just a few of them. The finished video is distributed via our strong media brands.

Visual Storytelling

A picture is worth a thousand words. Used correctly, visual elements generate strong emotions in the recipient. This has always been known in marketing and is used in TV commercials, print ads and billboard advertising to create an emotional impact on people and achieve a lasting advertising effect. Combined with our Branded Content expertise, the "power of images" takes storytelling to a new level!

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Influencer Marketing

Influencers translate advertising messages into the language of their followers. While macro influencers have a high level of awareness and reach, micro influencers operate in special niches and address specific target groups. We work together with Germany's largest influencer network brands you love and thus create not only special credibility but also reach and commitment for your brand.

Engaged Views

Not all Content Views are the same! It is essential which effect can be achieved with the recipient. Does the reader find the content interesting and entertaining? Does he have the chance to perceive the advertising client and his message positively in this context? We found out that a guaranteed effect only occurs after 7 seconds of contact and therefore establish a new valuation for Branded Content.

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Social Cards

You want more reach for your successful social media campaign? We extend your social media campaigns into our network! With our new Social Ad we can embed existing Social Posts as digital ads in the confidable environment of our publisher brands. Photos, videos and links from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are inserted into existing Display Ad slots on the pages of our publishers.

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Self Publishing

We open up our portals for your content. With our Self Publishing tool, you can create your own Native Advertising products in just a few steps and distribute them across multiple media brands. Your campaigns are highly scalable and you can view KPIs in real time. So you always have control over the success of your campaign.

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Native Ads

Native Advertising can be placed directly and programmatically with us. Native ads embed themselves smoothly into the editorial content and achieve a high level of attention. In addition, your campaigns are easy to plan and measure.

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The Partner Studio

We offer cumulated content competence in one team - the Partner Studio.

Service far beyond content creation

Our experienced colleagues bridge the gap between publishing and marketing every day. This combination of journalistic skills and marketing expertise supports your content and results in an effective Branded Content campaign. As a digital publisher, we distribute campaigns across our strong network. With our media brands, we reach more than two thirds of all internet users in Germany. We put our experience at the service of our advertising clients. We analyze and optimize advertising impact KPIs comprehensively. We advise and support you from the beginning of your campaign to well beyond its duration, creating the perfect setting for your brand.

Live-Monitoring with the Native Dashboard

More transparency & exact measurability

Live monitoring of all Native Advertising KPIs

With our BurdaForward Performance Tool, we improve the performance measurement of Native Advertising campaigns and enable full transparency across all KPIs. All relevant figures about your campaign can be tracked in real time - from the active dwell time to social engagement, scroll depth and origin of the traffic.