Display Advertising

We do good advertising

Ad Modell 2.0

We have converted our publishers' websites to a more natural, user-friendly advertising flow and optimized them for the KPI visibility – or in our terms "Viewability". Core elements of our ad model are "smart loading" ads. They are just loaded if the user scrolls into the respective area and actually has an opportunity to see the ad. At the same time, we have abolished all OTP advertising media and substantially reduced classic display advertising. Our users benefit from much shorter loading times as they can navigate faster both on our responsive pages and in the apps of our publishers.

Advertising clients win twice over: because "smart loading" technology loads ads faster than before. And thanks to less available advertising space, the individual ads are much more visible than before.

"Nobody benefits from the banner overkill practiced in recent years, neither the user nor the advertisers. The results show that it is time to rethink and focus on the needs of users."

Carsten Sander

Director Product & Development

We make advertising 100% visible

Our Viewability product is delivered with 100% of its space in the visible area of our portals. Clients only pay for the impressions actually measured and receive an eye-catching advertising medium that is at the same time designed to be user-friendly. This advertising medium occupies a maximum of 30 percent of the visible area of a website and thus meets the standards of the Coalition for Better Ads, which is committed to better display advertising. In addition, we give our users the option to interrupt the ad's sticky function and close it completely.