BurdaForward Ad Manager

The Self-Booking Tool For Native Ads & Native Articles

Reaching the right target audience

Platforms such as FOCUS Online, CHIP, FIT FOR FUN, Gute Frage and TV Spielfilm address various target audiences. Our self-booking tool, the BurdaForward Ad Manager, makes targeted self-booking of performant image & text ads (native ads) as well as one-page advertorials (native articles) quick and easy – and with no minimum booking volume.

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The BurdaForward Ad Manager reaches more than 41 million people

Currently, clients can reach 41.34 million unique users* in the BurdaForward Ad Manager (AGOF March 2023).

What makes our Ad Manager unique?

Direct booking

Use the Ad Manager to book, monitor and optimize your native advertising campaigns on the high-quality portals of the BurdaForward network.  

User-friendly interface

The easy-to-navigate interface of the Ad Manager directs you conveniently through the booking process. Campaigns are ready to launch in just a few minutes.  

Future-proof targeting

The Ad Manager serves the campaigns exactly the way they are intended, also in a world with no cookies, ensured by our revolutionary data strategy “Sugarless – our cookie alternative for healthy Goodvertising.

Flexibility without minimum booking volume

Ad Manager campaigns can be launched, stopped, modified or even expanded at any time, as you please. We guarantee full flexibility.

Smarte Gebots-Empfehlungen

Unser Selbstbuchungstool bietet einen unschlagbaren Vorteil: Optimale Gebots-Empfehlungen basierend auf der Kampagnenperformance! Steigern Sie Ihren Erfolg, indem Sie Ihre CPC oder CPM Gebote perfekt aussteuern.


Performance-based pricing model

You can create and book native ads and native articles in just a few minutes. Billing is based on the campaign’s performance.

"With the BurdaForward Ad Manager we found an exciting option for wize.life and the ERL Real Estate Group to get access to new target audiences to present content and products. The self-booking tool is both intuitive and effective. I’ve been a fan right from the start."

Alexander Schiechel

Head of Digital Business | ERL Real Estate Group

Self Booking

Only seven steps to your own campaign.

We explain how to use the BurdaForward Ad Manager.


Transparency for the digital advertising industry

With the new aqi service, programmatic customers can more easily identify high-value environments within automated advertising processes.

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