Leading in digital market research
During the past 10 years BurdaForward has become an acknowledged authority in digital market research. Our regularly carried out studies measure advertising impacts with pre and post campaign tests, brand awareness studies and market research on industry branches.

Best of Native Advertising 2016

The results from around 22 studies that were conducted alongside campaigns showed: native advertising leads to a boost in brand likeability & image. Download study


On a journey with the users

How to be successful in the marketing funnel with the right brand content KPIs.Download study


Digital Trends 2016

While cooking, driving or getting fit - the newest developments assist us in nearly every activity. But do we really need this much support of media in our everyday-business? Here is a study about futuristic technics and digital...Download study


How I Met Your User

What emotions, responses and changes in attitude does native advertising trigger the user? Our study "HOW I MET YOUR USER" shows its impact of branded content by analyzing the campaing of the brand LIEBESKIND on Huffington Post.Download study


Video Effects 2015

What is the general attitude towards online videos and what devices are preferably used? Our first video effects study provides comprehensive insights into online video usage. Read more!Download study


Mobile effects study 2015

Smartphones and tablets conquer the market and the mobile web is changing our everyday lives. Read more about the latest developments in the mobile market in our mobile effects study 2015.Download study


Brand Effects Native - Ontario Canada

Our new Brand Effects Native study for our client Ontario Canada shows the effective combination of native teaser and display advertising. Download study